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We are BEA and FAFA, co-creators of the Travel Agency TAMALA TRAVEL.

We organize trips to Africa accompanying other people to know Gambia.

We accompany you to the smallest and most peaceful country of west Africa.

Africa is the great unknown continent and we want to explore it from the respect to the local culture and customs.

We understand traveling as an experience … We travel to live unique experiences and increase our emotional, social and ecological well-being.

We design three types of trips: Sustainable travel, Conscious travel and Tailor made trips.

Recients Posts

Benechín, plato típico de Gambia

Benachin: Typical Gambian dish

The Benachin, the typical dish of the Gambia, is the Gambian paella from West Africa. In Gambia, the rice dish known as Benachín is cooked in a similar way to Valencian paella. For this reason, some people call it the

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Salida Navidad a Gambia

The Janjanbureh Island in The Gambia

Janjanbureh is in the interior of the Gambia, and is located inside an island with the same name; therefore, the town and the Janjanbureh Island in the Gambia share denomination. The island lies within the River Gambia , in the

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Frases Viajeras

Travelers Phrases

We want to compile some of the  phrases of travelers that inspire us to travel. Phrases of travelers, for people to reflect on the act of traveling. Words that inspire, make us reflect, motivate or surprise us. We have chosen

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