Discover the Roots in Africa

The Journey of Your Life

Our Trips to The Gambia

Sustainable Travel

Trips to the Gambia in a small group, accompanied by a native and specialized guide, to visit the smiling coast of Africa and discover the Roots, integrating respectfully with the natural environment and the population.

Conscious Travel

A journey of awareness  transforming 

character to The Gambia, we undertake this path of human development and personal growth together, with the intention of disconnecting to connect.Travel to get out of the routine

Upcoming Summer Trips 2018.

Customs Trip

Custom trips to The Gambia.

Customize your trip. Travel with YOUR Group. If you are a group of people united by friendship, work, family, studies and / or want to celebrate an event. We organize your holiday trip in a personalized way.

Recients Posts

Frases Viajeras

Travelers Phrases

We want to compile some of the  phrases of travelers that inspire us to travel. Phrases of travelers, for people to reflect on the act of traveling. Words that inspire, make us reflect, motivate or surprise us. We have chosen

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Serekunda la ciudad más grande de Gambia

Serekunda the largest city in the Gambia

Serekunda the largest and the most populated  city in the Gambia. Serekunda is located 13 km from Banjul the capital city  of the Gambia, and 3 km from the Atlantic Ocean. The city is originally formed by nine towns that

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Travel as a transforming experience

Travel as a transforming experience

Travel as a transforming experience is a reflection based on my personal experience as a traveler and in reading related to travel and metamorphosis through them.   The readings that have aroused my interest lately and accompany this reflection are

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