We are BEA and FAFA, co-creators of TAMALA TRAVEL.

Couple and we share our way of life together, accompanying us with harmony, hopes and many dreams …

One of our dreams is this: to organize trips to Africa by accompanying  people to get to know the Gambia.

… how? In the most coherent way with ourselves, organizing sustainable and conscious trips. Africa is the great unknown continent and we want to explore it with the respect to the local population and their cultures and customs.

Accompany you to the smallest and most peaceful country of west Africa, Gambia the smiling coast.

We want to contribute with our work to create a better world.

Travel to live unique experiences and increase our emotional, social and ecological wellbeing.

We want to share with you the experience of traveling in a different and special way,

Co-creators of Tamala Travel.

Do you want to know us more? Keep reading…
Bea and Fafa co-creadores Tamala Travel

if you walk alone you will go faster,but if you walk accompanied you will go further

My name is Fafa Ceesay, I was born in a village in the rural area of the Gambia, the smiling coast of Africa, near the river that bears the same name of the country. I lived and studied in my country.

I speak several languages: Spanish, English bilingual and three of the languages of my country, Wolof (my mother tongue), Mandinka (the most spoken language) and Fula (the language of my paternal grandmother).

Currently, I residing in Castelló de la Plana, Spain. I arrived in Spain more than 10 years ago. My enthusiasm for knowing new territories, my passion for traveling and the perseverance to improve my socio-economic situation led me to emigrate.

When I left Gambia, the political situation was dire, the government was occupied by a dictator and the freedoms were severely limited.

To this day, I am excited to share a new country … a democratic territory that has made Gambia smile again.

Both in my country and in Spain, I have worked in hotels, specifically in holiday hotels … I am excited to work with travelers.

I am a specialized guide of the Gambia because I love my country and I am excited to share the beauty of the people, the beauty of their landscapes and feel how difference unites us more than separates us.

Consider myself a flexible person, self-taught, able to adapt to a multitude of situations, passionate about politics and, I confess, a great lover of music and dance … do you know mbalack music?

Accompany you on this wonderful trip. The smile and the hospitality is the letter of presentation of my people.

Come with me to see this land of peace.

As they say in my country: GAMBIA, NO PROBLEM.

Fafa Ceesay co-creator Travel Agency Tamala Travel

travel not only to change place but one mental state of another

My name is Bea Ebrí. Born in a village in the province of Castelló de la Plana, Spain, 10 km from the Mediterranean sea.

Formed in the field of humanities: psychologist, Gestalt therapist, specialized in personal development and Bach flower therapist.

Throughout my life I have performed different jobs, almost always related to the psychosocial area.

Psychology is my profession, curiosity to know and to accompany other people in their life processes, it excites me and, therefore, I keep in permanent training in the field.

Love to travel. Since my youth I have been attracted to discover new places, understand other customs, admire landscapes and converse with locals… travel to unforgettable experiences.

In love with the element water, being born in the Mediterranean has been decisive ofr this love. I am woman water. I am excited to bathe in any aquifer space: river, lake, lagoon, pond, cenote, sea or ocean.

The project of conscious travel is born from the need to transmit to other people what, personally, has served me: to grow as a person in each trip.

I consider myself a person with empathy, listening ability, trained to hold emotions and facilitate therapeutic groups.

Accompany you on this path…

The goal of these conscious trip is to get out of our routine, to submerge ourselves in a distant, unknown and exotic country to facilitate our process of personal transformation.


Bea Ebri co-creator Sustainable Travel Agency Tamala Travel