Fishing Villages in the Smiling Coast


In The Gambia, a country know as the Smiling Coast, there are many fishing villages. Around 80 km of Atlantic coast where small atractive towns are distributed to know and paradisiacal beaches to enjoy.


For people who visit Africa for the first time, Gambia is paradise … it is the perfect destination to break fears and dangers. Some people still consider the African continent as an inhospitable territory.


The Gambia is one of the countries with the highest safety index.

Gambia, no problem! It is the recurring phrase of the Gambians when they receive us in their land … their happy welcome!


Viajar a Gambia Tamala Travel

The country’s beaches are large stretches of white sand. In most occasions, we find solitary areas where to take a bath… or look for other more crowded beaches where to share the bathroom with more people.


Bordering the Gambian coast, we can find towns like Barra, Bakau, Banjul, GhanaTown, Brufut, Tanji, Sanyang, Gunjur and Kartong, among others.



Barra has almost virgin beaches



Bakau for its colorful landscape…






Banjul, capital of the country, also has fishermen in the coastal area …







GhanaTown is a small town of migrant people from Ghana, the color and features of its people is characteristic of the country of Ghana




Fishing Villages in Gambia Brufut


Fishing Villages Gambia Tamala Travel




In Brufut we can buy fresh fish or eat with the local fishermen the dishes prepared by Mrs. Mbaye …






In Tanji at sunset, we can admire the arrival of fishermen to the Coast. Natural daily show of new colors and sensations…


Fishing Village Gambia Sanyang




Sanyang has a paradisiacal coast…





Gunjur, further away from the crowd, is a quiet town …



In Kartong, last village before arriving in Senegal, we can see pure nature in the delta



These maritime towns live on fishing.


Fishing Village Gambia


Fishing is a priority for the economy of the smallest country in Africa. The form of fishing is handmade.






Approximately, there are some 1800 local fishermen’s canoes. In the foreign industrial fishing sector, there are about 57 boats.


Gambia pescadores Brufut playa



Gambia’s marine fisheries resources are plentiful thanks to the freshwater stream from the Gambia River estuary that attracts marine fish for its food and spawning. The most important marine species are groupers, sea bass, croakers, shad, sardinella, hoarse and barracudas.



The fishing sector has a significant potential for the development of the country. Fishing can be done all year round due to moderate temperatures.



Fishing Villages in the Smiling Coast


The Gambia is a small, safe and attractive country … it is the best option to get to know Africa for the first time.




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