Gambia the Smiling Coast


Gambia is one of the smallest country in Africa. It got Independence from the British in february 18 th 1965. Gambia the Smiling Coast have a population of two millions people.


We gambians call ‘Gambia no problem’ and ‘the Smiling Coast of Africa’. The reason why we called THE GAMBIA those name; is because of the hospitalities of Gambians.


Gambia the Smiling Coast of Africa


Gambia the Smiling Coast of AFrica Travel



Gambians are very nice and welcoming people, in the sense that all visitors are welcome and treated as special. Most visitors who have once visit The Gambia always like to repeat going back to the Gambia.







Gambia is called ‘the Smiling Coast of Africa’ because of the River Gambia which divide the country into two, the north and southern band. Right from the Atlantic Ocean four to five hundred kilometers inside the main land.


Gambia the Smiling Coast



With the entrance of the River Gambia which look like a smiling face in the western part of Africa. If you look at the west African map, the River Gambia look like a mouth with it’s north and southern bands like two lips.



An additional to the factor why The Gambia is called ‘the Smiling Coast of Africa’, is that it’s people are always smiling. Many visitor admired them, that Gambian people are nice and always ready to make guests happy and feel like home.



Gambia the Smiling Coast


gambia the smiling coast of africa

Thank to it’s geographical location, the gambian temperature is moderate. It’s sub_tropical climate. An average temperatures between twenty nine to thirty five degrees, during the day and temperatures falls during the night. Which mean you can enjoy the sunshine almost throughout the year.

The Gambia have almost 80km of coastline. White sandy beaches in which you can enjoy the sea breeze at the beach sites throughout the day.


The geographical location is another reason that you will like to go to The Gambia, which is five to six hours flight from Europe to reach it’s beautiful beaches, nice and humble people.




Once you are in The Gambia there many interesting places that one can visit…


Places like historic sites like James’s Island now called Kunta Kinteh Island, Wassu and Kerbatch Stones Circles .Were conciderred by UNESCO the Patrimony for Humanity Sites.


Gambians we cannot write about The Gambia and it’s history without talking about the slave trade and the famous history of Kunta Kinteh who was kidnapped from his village Jufurreh and taken to slavery.


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The other places are the National Museum in Banjul, the capital city of The Gambia and Albert Market.


Banjul Albert Market Travel  Gambia


Crocodriles Bakau Sustainable Travel Gambia TAMALA TRAVEL


The Crocodile pool in Bakau Kachically is very interesting place to visit. Here there are many crocodiles seen lying down througthout the day.

These crocodiles are while less which means you can touch and have pictures with them.






Another natural places, the Bijilo Forest ParkMakasutu and the Abuko Nature Reserve. In this park one enjoy the natural beauty of nature with it’s varieties of animals. Animals like monkeys, hyenas and birds in their difference.




Gambia is know for it’s diversity of people. In the Gambia apart from English the official language there are lot of local languages too.


In each of these languages there norms, traditional and cultural believes. Even there some difference but there similar cultural and traditional way of lives.


Some of these similarities is the music, all the tribes have ‘Jalis’, Griots en english, especially who dedicate their lives on music.

The ‘Jalis’  have their singing and musical instruments like the Kora, the Sabar, the Balafone, etc. All these tribes have their traditional dance sometime varies but sometimes other are similar too.


travel to the Gambia


The Griots apart from the music and praise songs ,they can be considered as transmitters of history.


Traditionally most of these music or song are historic event during the past ,they are story teller.Their role in the Gambia society is very important.


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