Serekunda the largest city in the Gambia

Serekunda the largest and the most populated  city in the Gambia. Serekunda is located 13 km from Banjul the capital city  of the Gambia, and 3 km from the Atlantic Ocean.

The city is originally formed by nine towns that have united to become a great urban city since the last century. Serekunda has a population of 390,000 people.

Like other cities, the population of the city continues to grow every year as a result of rural migration.  And due to the land that surrounds it, the population of Serekunda continues to grow because it has possibilities for it.

The History of Serekunda, the largest city of the Gambia


Serekunda derives phonetically from ‘Sayer Kunda‘, which means the ‘House of the Sayer Family‘.

The word ‘Kunda’ is a Mandinka word meaning house or family. It is used to refer to the family home, for example ‘Ceesay Kunda’. Name or surname are used to name the owner.

Serekunda la ciudad más grande de Gambia

Sayer Jobe is the name of the founder of the village in the nineteenth century, which has now become Serekunda. The founder came from the Wolof tribe, mostly settled between Senegal and the Gambia.

The founder, Sayer Jobe, was part of the Koki royal family. Koki is a town in the north of Senegal. 

Other sources say that Sayer Jobe is originally from Sine-Saloum, in the region of Senegal. The founder of Serekunda emigrated to the Gambia in the mid-nineteenth century.

Interesting places to visit in the largest city of the country

The city of Serekunda is considered the Gambia Commercial Center and right in the center of the city is the Serekunda Market.

This market was originally started on dirt road,where the women sold the harvest that they themselves grew in their garden. While some sell  fresh and dried fish. Other local food vendors joined them as the years went by, the space grew to become a major market.

Serekunda Market Gambia

Currently, in addition to this market there are other markets in the city, such as the London Corner market, the Taliding market, the Latrikunda Sabijay market, etc. Practically, there is a market in each neighborhood.

As a traveler or tourist in Gambia, a visit to the city market gives you a solid experience of the daily African reality.

Serekunda Gambia

In Serekunda, as in most cities, in the center and especially around the market, there is a lot of traffic. The drivers play their horns, the music plays at full volume, you hear the radios from the shops or stalls around the market.

serekunda market

… the streets are full of varied stalls, full of colors, some young people move goods with their carts, other  carry the purchases for their customers, there are street vendors with a lot of cheap imports and many shops with second-hand merchandise coming from Europe or America.

En algunos puestos, las mercancías se derraman literalmente en la calle de forma desorganizada… en In some areas, goods are literally spilled on the street in a disorganized manner … in other stores, the merchandise is organized and ordered for sale.


The Coastal area of the city of Serekunda is where the most tourists places are, such as the neighborhoods of Kotu, Kololi and Bijilo.

In this coastal area are most of the tourist complexes, hotels, bars, guesthouse, restaurants and nightclubs. Especially in the Senegambia  area.

Senegambia owes its name to the Hotel Senegambia that was founded in the 80s and was one of the first hotels in the area.

Art Clothes Gambia

Finally, in almost every corner of the city of Serekunda there are mosques and / or churches.

Gambia is a religious country where there are places of worship and can be seen anywhere in the city. On Fridays, you can see  Muslims  going to the mosques to the weekly friday prayers in  their large numbers and on Sundays too you can also see the Christians going in their large numbers to mass in the church.

It is interesting visit City to know and understand the country, as well as being a fundamental logistic and economic place for The Gambia.

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