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Kachikally, Lago de Cocodrilos

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Bijilo Monkey Park

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Fishing village of Tanji


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From TAMALA TRAVEL we offer you the opportunity to travel to the Gambia in a sustainable and respectful way.


Do you want to know this little piece of Africa?


Do you feel the urge to integrate with the population of the most unknown continent?

Do you venture to know Black Africa?






IN REDUCED GROUP … I am a specialized guide and my name is FAFA CEESAY, I accompany YOU to travel the corners of the Smiling coast of Africa and to respectfully integrate with the natural environment and the local population.


Traveling teaches us through reality, it gives us confidence and well-being.




I propose to TRAVEL to allow us to EXPLORE, to submerge us in another culture and to STIMULATE our mind.


ROUTE of the Sustainable Travel program

DAY 1: ARRIVAL IN GAMBIA. Departure from Barcelona (there are direct flights) to Banjul, the capital of Gambia. Arrival at night in the city, accommodation in HALAHIN LODGE or DABO HOUSE or SINKILING GAMBIA. Dinner at the hotel and WELCOME to the Smiling Coast.

DAY 2: After breakfast at the hotel, visit the  Crocodiles pool in Bakau Kachikally. Walk through the town of Bakau and the Craft Market. Lunch in the village of Bakau. In the afternoon, visit Tanji to admire the beauty of the arrival of the fishermen from fishing. Dinner at the hotel.

DAY 3: Early departure from the hotel, breakfast on the way, for an excursion to Juffureh, the birthplace of Kunta Kinteh, the protagonist of the novel Roots. In this town we can meet the descendants of Kunta Kinte and the history of slavery. Upon returning, we will take a walk through Barra, another fishing village on the other side of the river. After eating and crossing the river with the ferry, we returned to the hotel.

Wild nature of exuberant beauty around the river Gambia ..

DAY 4: After breakfast, visit the Makasutu Forest Reserve. Canoe ride on the Gambia river to observe the nature and its beauty. We can spot many birds, see the monkeys. Food in the Reserve.

DAY 5: Breakfast at the hotel and departure to the most populated city in the country, Serrekunda. Visit to the Market and the craftsmen of dyed clothes. Later, lunch in Senegambia and visit to the Bijilo Natural Park.



 DAY 6: After breakfast, visit to Kartong, the last town on the Gambian coast in the south of the country, border with Senegal.

DAY 7: Breakfast at the ecolodge. Day of free disposition to be able to stroll by the beach, to lie down to the sun, to know the town or what we want more.

DAY 8: Breakfast to start the day before visiting the capital of the country, Banjul, including the National Museum. Lunch and departure to the airport to catch the plane back.

DAY 9: ARRIVAL at dawn to SPAIN.

The trip will be confirmed when the group is closed, MINIMUM 4 up to 10 people.

The program of the trip is indicative and the order of the activities can be modified, according to the needs of the group.    



 *GROUP of 10 : 770€
GROUP of 8 / 9 : 807€
GROUP of 6 / 7 : 867€
GROUP of 4 / 5 : 977€*   



  • Accommodation in a double room.
  • Transfers to the Airport: Banjul-hotel-Banjul.
  • Transportation with driver for scheduled excursions. 
  • Accompanied the group during the trip, advice and design of the route.

  • NATIVE GUIDE specialized in ENGLISH, Spanish and 3 local languages (WOLOF, MANDINKA AND FULA).
  • Entrances to Parks and Museum
  • River transports.
Included services
Services NOT included


  •  Air Ticket.
  • Medical Assistance Insurance.
  • All Drinks and Tips.
  • Personal expenses (out-of-pocket expenses).
  • Lunch and dinner of the day off.


  • PASSPORT with a validity of more than 6 months
  • It is advisable to take photocopies of the passport.
  • There is no visa to enter the country.

  • There are no mandatory vaccines.
  • The recommended vaccines such as Yellow Fever, Tetanus, Hepatitis A and B, AC Meningitis and treatment for Malaria.
  • Check at your nearest Foreign Health Center: International Vaccination (before, during and after a trip).
  • The official currency is the DALASI (GMD).

  • The exchange price varies

  • You can easily exchange euros throughout the country in Exchange Houses, Banks and even Hotels.

  • In the area of ​​the coast (Senegambia) and in the main cities (Banjul and Serrekunda), you can also withdraw money by card in the bank branches that have ATMs, with the payment of the corresponding commission.

  • The Gambia is a safe country.

  • It is a quiet country, with hospitable and friendly people. The best known phrase by travelers is: Gambia, no problem!
  • Subtropical climate.

  • Temperatures are moderatehigh throughout the year, ranging from 16º to 35º.

  • There are two seasons: dry season and rainy season.
  • During the dry season, from November to mid June the temperature is moderate (around 25º). You can go down at night until 16º.
  • In the rainy season, from mid June to the end of October, temperatures are higher.

The electric current is 220 v.

  • It is RECOMMENDED to bring mosquito repellent. 
  • During the dry season, from November to June, there are few mosquitoes.

  • In the rainy season, from mid June to the end of October, the prevalence of mosquitoes is higher.
  • Wear light-colored clothing that covers legs and arms, mainly during sunrise and sunset.

  • The rooms should have mosquito nets to sleep.

  • It is recommended to impregnate clothes repellent during the day and mosquito nets before sleeping.

  • Avoid perfumes and colognes.

  • If you use suncream, put some time before impregnating with repellent, so that the skin absorbs the sun cream before using the mosquito repellent.

  • At the Center for External Health you can find out more in detail.

  • Sun cream and hat / hat to protect you from the sun.

  • If you are a passionate person of BIRDS, you can take binoculars to admire them in The Gambia.