Tamala Travel in Rototom 2018

Today we want to tell you and share with you our experience as Tamala Travel in Rototom 2018. Fills us with energy, enthusiasm and desire to continue walking…

We participated in the last edition of Rototom Sunsplash European Reggae Festival held in Benicàssim (Castello), near our place of habitual residence.


Tamala Travel Stand African Village Rototom 2018


We had a presence in the Non Profit Area of ​​the African Village with Sustainable and Conscious Travel Agency.


Thanks to the Organization of the festival. People like Kampa (Coordinator of Programming of the different cultural areas) and Laura González (Responsible of the stands of House of the Word within the African Village area). We had the opportunity to show ourselves, communicate face to face and offer our vision of traveling.


Tamala Travel en African Village 2018


Why participate in the Rototom?

For several reasons, because we like the Festival … because we have participated in previous editions as ‘visitors’ … because our Sustainable Travel Agency in The Gambia is a respectful and innovative proposal to travel to Africa … because we want to know Africa outside the stereotypes … because we live in Castelló and, although an agency online, our local headquarters is located in this city near to Benicàssim !!!!


Tamala Travel to the Gambia in Rototom





TAMALA TRAVEL in Rototom 2018


From August 15 to August 22 he participates in a stand within the African Village of ​​Rototom area.


Tamala Rototom 2018


We talked about our project to the interested people who visited the stand … Why Travel to The Gambia? With photos of the Routes prepared for October and for Christmas to the smallest country on the African continent.


TAMALA TRAVEL en el Rototom 2018


During the week we met people interested in our project, people wanting to share and exchange opinions and projects related to Africa from different areas.


In the wonderful corner of African Village we were lucky enough to meet social projects such as Music Change Ghana, Africadolou, Cultivant Vida, United Minds, Hermanos Thioune, Top Manta, Mamadou Dia, Bissap, Diomcoop, SOEPIC, … and others (they are all are, but are not all those who are).


Fafa Ceesay en la Casa de la Palabra 2018


We participate in the House of the Word of the African Village to explain our project of Sustainable and Conscious Travel Agency with the mission of establishing equal relationships between travelers and local businesses.


Tamala Travel Rototom 2018


On Tuesday, August 21, Fafa Ceesay also took the speaker on the stone of Socrates to publicize our project.


After an intense week of sharing humanity, color and rhythm in the African Village, we are grateful.


Thanks to the volunteers, thanks Ana, Javier, Laura, for joining us and listen to us.


Fafa Ceesay en la Casa de la Palabra 2018


Of course, thanks to the stand colleagues for sharing conversations, dances and djembé music … thanks Rocío, Marcel, Abdou, Joana, Federico, Koblavick … to the family and friends … thanks mum, Miriam, Gema, Rakel, Belen, Shaddai, Mar …


Tamala Travel en African Village 2018


And to all the people who have visited us, listened, asked, talked and traveled mentally with us to The Gambia.

We are proud to have presented our project in a space of tolerance, respect, equality, curiosity … #ONELOVE

Now we can keep in touch through this website, Facebook & Instagram.


Tamala Travel en el Rototom 2018


THANKS to those whom we haven’t mentioned their name, you are all in our hearts.


‘When it rains it is time that we must place the pumpkin underthe leak. Every day is an opportunity, every day is a life’ . Text taken from a peul story by Ismaël Diadié Haïdara



… and our tribute to Green Valley with their love song live on the Main Stage …



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