The United Nations Organization declared the International Year of Tourism in 1967, with the slogan “Passport for Peace”; 15 years ago declared the International Year of Ecotourism (2002); last year, the United Nations declared 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

Sustainable tourism is an opportunity to change the world, it is our opportunity to make a better world. At Tamala Travel we believe that it is possible to travel in a sustainable way, being responsible and conscious travelers.

What we offer in Tamala Travel? Open our mind to other cultures and traditions, integrate with the population, preserve and help preserve the natural environment, respect the artistic and cultural heritage, consume local products and leave as little trace as possible.

Our principles are:

  • Respect the local population, as well as their culture and traditions at all times.
  • Tolerance towards  others to open our mind.
  • Equality in the treatment.
  • Humility and kindness Respect towards animals without disturbing or interfering with their development.
  • Respect and preservation of the environment, without harming its natural harmony.
  • Respect for artistic and cultural heritage.
  • Support for local commerce and community economic growth.

Currently, these are OUR TRIPS TO THE GAMBIA:

LIVE a memorable experience …

get out of your routine, feel another rhythm of life, experience new sensations and increase your well-being

on the Smiling Coast.


TAMALA TRAVEL is the name we have chosen to undertake this dream…


TAMALA (with accent on the first vowel / támala /) is a Mandinka word (the most spoken Gambian language).

TAMALA is a mandinka word with two meanings: tamala means traveling, it is used to refer to travelers, and also means walking, walking on foot without a specific objective, just to breathe fresh air or as a physical exercise.


TAMALA TRAVEL means the journey of the travelers … the way of the travelers …