Travel as a transforming experience

Travel as a transforming experience is a reflection based on my personal experience as a traveler and in reading related to travel and metamorphosis through them.


The readings that have aroused my interest lately and accompany this reflection are two. Travel That Can Change Your Life. How to Create a Transformative Experience, by Jeffrey A. Kottler, a book that defines travel as a challenge, personal growth, self-responsibility and inner journey. And the second book, are the experiences of Marlo Morgan with the Authentic (Mutant Message Down Under, 1991), where the author himself writes his trip accompanying the Australian aborigines.


There is a lot more literature about traveling …


Traveling is one of my passions … I like the three stages of the trip: planning the trip, the act of traveling and remembering what I experienced on the trip.


viajar como experiencia transformadora


The act of traveling is an enriching experience on a personal and cultural level.

I have learned to contemplate nature and observe everyday life. As well as to converse and establish relationships with local people, I am fascinated and I appreciate everything i learning through these experiences.

The trips stimulate my curiosity and help me to work listening … both outward and inward. Traveling is a life experience.



Traveling is a movement through space, not just from one place to another, but also from a different mental state.


Baobab en Gambia

Each trip leaves us an imprint in the memory and in the soul, as well as helping to expand our vision of the world.


From each trip we take, we learned how we have been able to live a happy or traumatic experience. Traveling is a life experience.

And this is the transformation, changing from one form to another …


Travel as a transforming experience


Why and why do we travel? During the holidays we take the opportunity to disconnect, recharge our batteries, rest, break the monotony, live adventures. We move at a different pace, we adopt different roles, we establish other habits. We change our environment and the senses intensify.



The experience of traveling is the search for new experiences in the world, the openness of mind when discovering another culture and the inner look exploring what our reasons for traveling are …


Search new experiences, adventures and relate to each other to enrich and evolve. The curiosity and restlessness to know the other. Its culture, beliefs, rituals and way of understanding life allows us to open our minds.




If we stop to remember the last trip we have made … sure there has been a special experience. For endearing, surprising, disturbing or annoying. An experience that ‘crossed us’ at some point during the trip …


to travel is to evolve


The interior look, the observation of how the similarity and / or difference with the other affects us and what emotions make us feel … calm, joy, surprise, indignation, anger, ignorance, sadness, anguish, kindness, humility, respect , tolerance, responsibility, audacity, guilt, remorse, balance, fear … feel the here and now.


Traveling is not an isolated reality nor we use it to escape everyday life … living experiences during a trip helps us to enrich our garden of experiences, our personal growth and personal transformation.


In the words of Jeffrey A. Kottler,

‘’We are destined to move. Our ancestors were nomads, hunters and gatherers … They moved continually depending on the weather and the seasons of the year. Our own survival depended, then, on our mobility … Today we carry that inheritance in our genes, programmed over the millennia … people traveled for many of the same reasons that we have today: To explore the world, To find better work and business opportunities, to find a relationship and adventures … always in search of a better life ‘


Travel as a transforming experience


My personal recommendation, travel. Travel accompanied, alone, with friends, with family or with a group of strangers. Travel to grow and evolve.

I want to end with a text extracted from Mutant Message Down Under. One of the many reflections of the authentic unveiled to Marlo Morgan:

‘We do not understand your customs, we do not agree with them or accept them, but we do not judge them either. We honor your position in the world. ‘

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