Travelers Phrases

We want to compile some of the  phrases of travelers that inspire us to travel. Phrases of travelers, for people to reflect on the act of traveling. Words that inspire, make us reflect, motivate or surprise us.

We have chosen 5 travelers phrases from famous people. And we want to share them with you.


All the photos that we have used to accompany these phrases are photos of Gambia, the Smiling Coast of Africa and are edited by us. We want you to enjoy them as much as I do during the creative process …


... and, above all, we invite you to TRAVEL !!!!



The 5 travelers phrases


1. Is traveling an adventure?

 ‘The adventure of traveling consists of being able to LIVE as an extraordinary event the daily life of other people in places far from your home

by Javier Reverte’


Javier Martínez Reverte is a traveler, writer and Spanish journalist.

He signs his works as Javier Reverte, from celebrated novels such as El Médico de Ifni or his travel books such as the Trilogy on Africa.



2. Adapt imagination and reality

‘The use TRAVELING is to regulate the imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things can be, to see them how they are.’

By Samuel Johnson 


The poet Samuel Johnson, or also known as Dr. Johnson, was one of the most important literary figures in England during the eighteenth century.

Poet, essayist and biographer. Currently, he is the second most cited author of the English language after Shakespeare, thanks to his philosophy based mostly on common sense and elegance when writing.




3. Free our minds when traveling

‘TRAVEL allows me to free myself from ideas and prejudice

By Albert Casals



Protagonist of a motivating story of self-improvement, Albert Casals is one of the people who has traveled around the world in a wheelchair.

Albert Casals i Serradó is a writer and traveler born in 1990. He has traveled to more than 80 countries in a wheelchair and hitchhiking. An example of freedom and self-determination.




4. Grow and evolve by traveling

‘TRAVEL is to evolve’

By Pierre Bernardo



Traveling is a process of personal transformation.

Traveling is growing, evolving … traveling is living!

We have found it difficult to find the author of this phrase. It is a short and famous phrase that has become popular, appears in a multitude of post or printed objects. But, we do not know who the author is (if you’re reading this and you have clues, share it with us, thank you).


to travel is to evolve



5. Travel with Love

‘Wherever you go, go with your heart’ 

By Confucius


This philosopher, teacher and Chinese thinker born in 551 a. C. known in the West as Kong Zi, the Wise.

Confucius traveled throughout China to instruct the disciples who met him. He acquired fame as a wise man and venerator of traditional customs.





Walk and travel with your heart, free yourself from prejudice, evolve personally … while adapting your imagination to reality and living in an extraordinary way the daily life of other people!

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